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I am in the process of researching better ways to do EVERYTHING. I am Safe, living a Sustainable Life, Balanced, and working on Harmony. These are my new Core Values instituted in 2013. Number five is stability, which I have yet to reach, but with dedication to my recovery process, I hope to be there within the next 18 months. To do this I need to master living in harmony with others as I pursue my own needs and dreams. I am massively unorganized and this horribly hinders me.

While I write daily, I need to  find better ways to write, organize, and publish. I also don’t like it when things don’t go as I want them such as my last post. I don’t know why the line spacing got messed up. I don’t understand WP so I either need to figure it out or find another way to post.

In my search for ways to to everything better I found Abby at http://justagirlandherblog. I love her user-friendly approach to her products, her energy, and her over-all cheery attitude toward managing the chaos of life. My mind snagged on a comment she made about her print-outs being a way of coping when things got crazy or some such thing. Coping is huge in recovery, whether actively fighting addictive urges, maintaining sobriety from something, or doing really well and moving forward in large strides; I think solid organizational tools can help people stay on track in any thing in life. I also think they need to be large, colorful, written, personalized, and interactive. Recovery involves personal action and Abby is all about this in her print-outs. She has inspired me to buy a new printer and go to town with print-outs and binders.

I love this on-line blogging community! I feel like Cher in Burlesque, You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me (youtube this); thank you WP, those who “like” my posts, and Just A Girl and Her Blog; I am rising.

One final note, if you like up-lifting, folksy, fun music, I just met CeliaRose, http://www.celiarosemusic.com and she is amazing. I cannot BUT be happy blasting her FOUR  beautiful albums. Seriously, if you want to be happy, give her music a listen. Let’s get Zig-Zag on the radio everywhere. This album should make her a household name!

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