I want to write tomorrow.
PC crashed. I WANT A MAC!
To avoid failing to write tomorrow,  I decided to test run writing via my phone tonight. (Not going to give myself an excuse to not write because technology frustrates me.)
Even if tomorrow’s post isn’t brilliant, I want to develop positive habits.
I hope I feel better in the morning. Most of today I was in bed due to not paying attention to what I’ve been eating lately (and giving into a midnight text).
In the last couple of days I finished reading a memoir, found two profound reads on The Huffington Post and one on Facebook, rediscovered an old talent, and was reminded of two of my not-so-great character/personality traits via the message at church today. These very traits were the subjects of some Google searches this week related to preparation for a part-time job search. All of the above is related to the Facebook read.
I am going to bed. I hope the following:
1. To sleep well.
2. To synthesize my discoveries as I sleep thus waking up with brilliance to share.
3. That I actually get up early and get “Butt in chair. Fingers on keyboard (of smartphone)” and make it happen.

End of test. Good night.